This look was literally never going to make it up on the blog. However, while I was thinking of an Instagram caption for one of these images, I thought of the caption “A hint of Spring in Autumn” and a series of thoughts instantly came to mind. 

Perhaps this has got a lot to do with the fact that I’m currently reading a book titled “Talent is never enough” by John C. Maxwell. Although I’m only halfway through the book, I’ve already gained a wealth of knowledge. A lot of my beliefs have been re-affirmed, my mindset has been transformed, I’ve learnt much about myself. As a result, I now have such a different approach to life and the many unique situations I experience each day.

Let’s not stray too far from what got us to this point – the outfit. I’m wearing a simple  pair of black skinny jeans, an edgy black “rock n roll” style top and studded black denim jacket. Enter the floral print sock boot, in the mix of all this black, breaking away from the typical Autumn look. 

Much like real life, there will be Spring like moments in Autumn. You simply have to be courageous enough to remain graceful even in the midst of turmoil, trusting in the miracle of life. Keep your head up. There’s so much MORE to be thankful for… never forget that! 💚 

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