Last week I was invited to the CIROC Media Launch, as they introduced to us the CIROC Colada. The weather God’s were definitely on our side, with The Maslow hotel being the perfect location for such an event. I was also very excited upon arrival to see that NYX Cosmetics was also in the House. This meant that your girl would be looking cute right through out the event! And speaking of cute, I can’t not let you in on the fact that Melody Molale has now joined the CIROC South Africa family – what a perfect match! Congrats girl.  😉  

Now back to the event… The service was absolutely great, and so was the ambiance. I was literally back tracking to December with my bestie. So for those of you who want to bring back that summer feeling and love cocktails as much as I do, I’ll be sharing three cocktails recipes you too can create, with the CIROC Colada as your main ingredient of course. I had the chance to try all three at the CIROC Media Launch and my personal favorite of the recipes below is the CIROC Colada Sunrise. 

Look, these recipes are so simple and will leave your guests impressed if you’re ever playing host. So go on and have fun with it! 

CIROC Colada 

CIROC Summer Colada

Pineapple Juice

*Garnished with fresh pineapple wedge

CIROC Colada Sunrise 

CIROC Summer Colada 

Passion Fruit Juice 

Orange Juice

Lemon Juice

*Garnished with fresh lemon wheel

CIROC Summer Fino

CIROC Summer Colada 


Fino Sherry 

*Garnished with fresh lemon wheel


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