There’s been a lot happening in the world of fashion of late. Just yesterday, we heard of the passing of Karl Lagerfeld in Paris. This saw many models and celebrities who have worked with the legend pay their respect to the ‘genius’ fashion designer. Long time creative director of Chanel and boasting many more hats in the fashion industry  for the past five decades, Lagerfeld’s phenomenal sense of creativity, power and bold statements are sure to be celebrated for years to come.

A respectable appearance is sufficient to make people more interested in your soul. – Karl Lagerfeld

Still under the topic of fashion, Kim Kardashian West took to Twitter shortly after paying her respect Lagerfeld, expressing her frustrations with the current state of the fashion industry, boutique stores in particular. The issue of intellectual property and copyright infringement is one many battle with in many industries, and the fashion industry is definitely one that has also taken a BIG knock!  The issue Kim has been facing for a while now with boutiques such as Fashionnova and Diet Prada continues to put weight on the relationships she has nurtured over the years with the worlds top designers. With quick turn around manufacturing times, social media platforms boasting large numbers, these boutiques are becoming unstoppable!

Our very own Sandi Mabasa of House Of  Fabrosanz ( FRS ) has been experiencing this very issue within the local fashion industry. Many may not know, but the Nguni Print was fully conceptualized by the FRS team, and further designed and printed to create exclusive FRS pieces. The Nguni Print showcased in Milan and Paris Fashion Weeks has been so well received in the market, so much so that the high demand has created an opportunity for CMTs to unlawfully recreate their original fabric design. Now the question is, where do we draw the line? They say imitation is the highest form of flattery, but at what cost are we still willing to let these issues slide and merely accept others to  un rightfully profit over another mans  hard work and intellectual property?

About Nguni Print

The original design of the Nguni Print by House Of Fabrosanz in its essence represents South Africa, which is displayed by the colors which also feature in our South African flag. The geometric and diamond shapes included in the print are inspired by the Ndebele culture. The black lines are borrowed from the Xhosa culture who enjoy minimalist black and white flows in their traditional attire. The Zulu culture also features with its explosive colors and circles.

With that said, I believe we as the consumers also need to take a stand by simply becoming more aware of what we are purchasing and consuming. Knowledge is power after all! It equips you to make informed decisions.

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