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With Christmas around the corner, there have been great deals going around for us to make the most of. One of these fantastic  deals has come from HIRSCH’S. Their 12 Days Of Christmas sale boasts great deals on their Nutribullet 8 piece grey, Hisense 230L Bar Fridge, Alliance Portable Air Conditioner and so much more.

Philips Avance AirFryer

From the 12 Days Of Christmas Sale by HIRSCH’S I scored big on the Philips Advance AirFryer. This for me was a great find, because I’ve been making a conscious effort to find healthier ways of preparing my food. The concept of “frying with air” for me had me thinking I’d lose out on a saucy treat, but instead, as I write this I’m chilling and enjoying some crispy yet tender chicken. No fuss, no oily mess!

Grilled Kebabs, sausages and burgers are prepared so well using the Philips Advance AirFryer. I also love that the package comes with a manual as well a recipe book to help me come up with yummy quick meal plans. When you opt to use the AirFryer to bake, you can further use a metal or ceramic dish. Just refrain from using plastic. As you can see below, I went for a yummy chicken recipe which literally took me just 20 minutes. The chicken came out crispy on the outside, yet still tender and juicy – just the way I like it!

I definitely recommend this appliance for someone who is always on the go, and enjoys multitasking. The functions are user friendly and I’ve shown you step by step on my Instagram Story (HIRSH’S) .  As easy as it is to use, it’s just as easy to clean and store away. The ease with which I can operate and wash an appliance for me is a BIG consideration when making a purchase because it contributes to my overall experience of the product.  This one definitely gets the nod. A great time saver and easy to use addition to your home!

Day 4 – HIRSCH’S 12 Days To Christmas SALE

On day 4 of the HIRSCH’S 12 Days To Christmas Sale I physically went in store to see what I could purchase for my voucher to the value of R1000. I went in there with an idea of what I wanted, yet hadn’t decided on the exact style or brand. Upon entry, we were greated by a great sales assistant who further helped me make my final decision. You can check out how this all went down on my instagram story under HIRSCH’S  

Russel Hobbs NUTRIVAC

So when I got home with my Russel Hobbs NUTRIVAC I was so excited to test drive it. The NUTRIVAC features an instruction manual so you can fully understand each of the pieces in the box, as well as their functionality. The function I found to be most interesting is that of the vacuum. There are two options for using the vacuum function. You can use it before the blending process or after. In my first attempt, I used the vacuum function before the blending process, simply because I was going to consume the ingredients straight after. Should you wish to store and consume the mix much later, using the vacuum function after the blending process is best.

I’m so happy with my purchase. It’s exactly what I’ve been needing for my healthy lifestyle journey!

For more deals follow the hashtag #ChristmasWithHirschs on social media so you don’t miss out on any of the great deals to be further unpacked as we countdown to christmas with HIRSCH’S

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