With summer fast approaching, I’d love to let you in on some of the beauty glam up essentials on my list. 

I’ve had the opportunity to try out all the products I’ve listed below, and I absolutely love the fact that they are on trend and are of great quality! 

“Something we always pay attention to is a genuine, authentic feeling for beauty – Christiane Secker

Dry Oil Instant Beauty Hair & Body 

The dry oil by LCN has been such a great discovery for me particularly because I have dry skin. I love how it nourishes my skin with macadamia, camellia, sunflower oil and pomegranate extract while giving me a shimmery glow up! The dry oil works just as effectively on hair, without leaving a greasy effect. Oh, it smells absolutely divine too! 

Lip Gloss “Holo Lips”

This lip gloss is like no other I’ve tried before. Not only does it feel great on the lips, this ligh reflecting lipgloss provides a holographic effect which is such a unique feature. I’m also very impressed by the simple yet effective packaging, which includes a side mirror on the lip gloss for when you’re applying your holo lips! 

Permanent Lipliner Pen 

Perfectly lined lips are the answer to achieving a flawless lip. Whether you want to achieve fuller looking lips, or slightly more petite lips, a lip liner is your BFF. I have no 70 which is a light brown shade. Your safest colors to go for when choosing a lip liner are brown or purple. These are staples which make it easy to play around with, no matter what lipstick you’re going for that day. To achieve fuller lips, line the outside of your lip. To achieve smaller lips, line the inner line of your lips. 

Extreme WOW effect volume mascara 

My very first encounter with this mascara by LCN was a couple of months ago when I saw it on a friend. It’s no secret lash extensions are life, however, on simpler days when I’m not attending any events I enjoy simply using mascara. I’ve found the Extreme Wow Effect Volume Mascara to be exactly what I need to achieve long, curved, ultra-voluminous lashes. The exclusive combination of rice bran, karnuba- as well as candelila wax extends and thickens your lashes to provide a special form. The brush design also assists in catching the smaller lashes in the corners of the eye.  

Eyebrow Powder 

Eyebrow powder is pretty much what is used on most beauty shoots. I find eyebrow powder to be simpler to use than an eyebrow pencil or eyebrow gel. LCN has introduced two shades of eyebrow powder which include a fixation wax to ensure your brows stay on fleek for longer. The texture of the powder is quite creamy which makes for easy application to achieving fuller eyebrows. The powder also includes a mini two sided brush you can use to firstly brush out your brows ( with the spoolie side ) before applying the powder ( Angled brush )  

Permanent Eyeliner Pen 

Still on the eyes, let’s get into just how difficult it is to find the perfect eyeliner. I’ve found the LCN permanent eyeliner pen to be a great buy because it doesn’t smudge or run through the day, and also because it actually nourishes with vitamin E and Chamomile. The selection of eyeliner colors is also quite interesting and something to try if you’re looking to have a little more fun with your looks. The find Permanent Eyeliner pen is available in black, brown, blue and green. 

Eye Make-Up Remover 

Last but certainly not least, I cannot stress the importance of removing your make up before going to bed. On days where you’re feeling lazy to remove make up I always suggest using miccelar water, but before doing that I particularly stress using an eye make-up remover. Eye make up is usually more stubborn and requires its own special attention. LCN has introduced a mild, oil-free lotion, which thoroughly removes all eye make-up. It’s also great in that it leaves no residue nor does it irritate sensitive skin around the eyes.  

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