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With Summer right around the corner, I’ve been on the hunt for a great tan option to offer me a great smooth leg tint,  medium coverage as well as a yummy glow.

Last week I came across the Tinted Body Bronzer Shimmer Cream by Caribbeantan  which is a professional self tan care range.  The Shimmer Cream was attractive to me particularly because it is a wash off formula, making it simply to  get  off at the end of the day. My only concern with this however is that I can’t actually dip in the pool and still maintain a good tan when I hop out.

The basic rules of self tanning should be followed to achieve a natural looking tan. First things first, make sure you exfoliate before applying your tanning product to ensure it looks smooth and evens out nicely.  Secondly, be sure to select the product which closely matches your current shade. This not only gives you a natural look, but it also decreases the chances of turning orange – we don’t want that now do we!


The Shimmer Cream is beautifully and securely packaged in a 220ml tube. It’s definitely an attractive one!


The Tinted Body Bronzer Shimmer Cream is a lightly scented cream formula, and quite easy to apply. You simply squeeze a good amount onto the palm of your hand before spreading it around the desired tan area.  You can use your finger or any other application method you prefer.  I used my fingers and honestly went a bit off at getting my strokes looking smooth. What I suggest when applying the Shimmer Cream is that you perhaps look into applying it layer by layer ( build up )  to achieve a browner tan, as you would build up on your foundation when applying make up. Once you’re done applying the Shimmer Cream, be sure to wash your hands and give it 10 minutes to dry out before putting on your clothes.

The Results:

I wasn’t all the way impressed with this Shimmer Cream, perhaps because I was expecting more coverage on my imperfections. However, I loved the subtle and glamorous glow it gave my skin. After doing more reading, I actually found out that this Tinted Body Bronzer Shimmer Cream is actually used to EXTEND the life of your tan, meaning you should have tanned prior to application – oops! But again, I’m pretty tan as it is, and so I’d be using the product for the sole purpose of making my skin imperfections less visible and get that subtle glow. This is definitely a product I’d use for an evening out at an event.

The downside to this product is that it doesn’t contain any sunscreen, and so you would have to apply that before applying the Tinted Body Bronzer Shimmer Cream – otherwise prepare to deep fry in the sun!

Lovelies, please do drop me a comment and let me know of any other self tan ranges I can try out. Something that will cover my imperfections and give me a yummy golden glow! 🙂


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