The maxi dress trend is one which many feel they can’t be a part of, simply because of their height. Well, let me tell you something – the maxi is not only for the tall and slim lady. Absolutely anyone can rock a maxi in style, provided you find a great fit which accentuates the best part of your body.

I myself am really not as tall as I appear to be in images, and so this dress was a questionable choice for me at first. My first thought was that I was going to drown in all the material but to my surprise that wasn’t the case at all. I still feel as though the images don’t do justice to this dress! I love the combination of vibrant colors tossed up together and how light weight the dress truly is. I felt like I was literally floating in this dress, and the tie around the neck gave me the ultimate royal and elegant feeling.

Although we are in Spring ( My ex-geography teacher would argue this) , it’s still quite chilly in Johannesburg – South Africa, making this dress the perfect addition to ones wardrobe. It’s light enough to have you not break out in a sweat, and warm enough to keep you olright through out the day. You can wear this dress to absolutely any occasion, dressing and accessorizing it up or down for the desired feel and look.ย  I kept it simple with a bob, a pair of pear studded earrings, suede orange pumps and let the dress do all the talking for me. The tiers, bold cuff and neck tie are what I would say make this floral maxi dress a unique must have. It is also well designed so that the nip in the waist gives off an overall hourglass look instead of a frumpy look. I recommend always going for a maxi which is cinched in the waist or has a fitted bodice.ย  Personally, I am in two minds about adding a tiny belt to this dress, perhaps I’ll let you know once I give it a try. Let me know if you think this could work.

Make-Up: MakeUpByEllenor

Photography: Inyofacephotography

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