Hey ladies!

Over the past weekend I attended the She Invests event by the JSE Group. It’s always a good idea to open yourself up to gaining more knowledge on how to somewhat secure a better future for yourself and how best to take control of your investment decisions. 

As part of the programme, an important talk on investing in your brand was delivered by Kelly Fung, Editor in Chief of Elle Magazine South Africa. She gave us an overview of the various ways to working our personal style into the work space. More importantly, how we should let our clothing choice help make our mark, support our view point and empower us. 

One way of communicating the above mentioned is also through ones accessories. From the jewelry you choose to wear, the shoes and even your bag – it all speaks for you. I’ve come across an interesting article by Ackermans magazine titled “Which handbag are you?” I’ve been interestingly categorized under the Cross-body bags. I must say, they’re absolutely spot on! I love the cross-body bag because it’s so easy to carry throughout the day. I’m also an easy going person, I’d like to consider myself quite organized, and hence I can clearly set out what I’ll need ahead of time and just pop it into my bag. I also quite love the back- pack, but the crime rate in SA simply won’t let me be great ( lol) !

Cross-body bags come in lots of different styles and even though they’re small, they can have loads of personality. The carrier of this petite bag is often fashion forward and other women envy how she is able to keep fit everything in that tiny bag!

This bag screams minimalism. Women who carry this bag believe less is more and tend to go for classic pieces that they are able to dress up or down as needed. You don’t over complicate things and always state things as they are. Your family and friends know they can always count on you for an honest opinion.

You can read the article and let me know which you think you are. Are you The Backpack, The Cross-body bag, The Shopper bag, or the drawstring bag?

Click here to check out the full article.

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