By now you may have probably realised that I’m quite an advocate for simplicity with an edge. And by edge, I’m talking about incorporating the latest trends into my day to day looks. For this particular look I have incorporated the bell bottoms trend which the hippie in me absolutely dies for. I have also incorporated the faux fur from my leather jacket which you can wear as a faux fur shawl during the day, and re attach it back onto the jacket as it gets cooler in the day.

The beret has once again found its way back into another one of my looks, and I think mainly because blonde vibes were the order of the day. I got this particular beret from my grandmother, so its a good 20 years old – love! You’re also probably wondering about these tiny vintage frames I’m wearing. This trend has trickled down straight from the runway into the streets, and it’s proving to be one of 2018s hottest trends. I wont lie, im in two minds about this one. I kind of feel as though we may regret this trend in a few years time, but hey… This cat-eye frame works perfectly with my heart shaped face.



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