From fuchsia to magenta, we all know that pink is power! If there’s a piece I’d advise you invest in as we step into Autumn/Winter, it would definitely be this tailored suit by Fabrosanz.

I first got a taste of the suits by Fabrosanz a year ago. They’ve managed to stay on trend with both the cut/style as well as the print and colors they choose to go for each season. I’ve tried their suits in tribal print, floral print and now this solid colored piece which I like to call “sweet fire”

How I wore it:

Pink was clearly color of the day! I played with different shades of pink starting from the sunglasses for the day. It was important for me to go for a bold frame to still maintain the boldness which comes with wearing a suit, but a somewhat clear frame was the order of the day because I like maintaining eye contact with those I engage with.The tailored blazer is quite easy to play with. As you can see, I simply wore the blazer on my shoulders and didn’t necessarily tuck in because I had a sexy flirty mesh top I wanted to show off.
The primary concern when it comes to such a purchase is around the quality of the fabric, how easily it creases as well the fit. I can assure you, the fabric is great and doesn’t crease easily. What I also enjoyed most about this look is that the high waist pants fit me like a glove… so that’s all the boxes ticked for me. The detailing of two buttons and pockets give the look an effortless, elegant silhouette.

Ps: When it comes to dressing up, I advise you maintain your personal style and statement as you sneak in each seasons trends into your wardrobe.

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