I’m a very practical young lady, and on days like Valentine’s Day thoughtful gifts are highly appreciated. With just a few days to go, you may be up in arms wondering what you could possibly get for your girl this Valentine’s Day. After hearing what the ladies have had to say on Twitter as well as Facebook, I’ve realised how most are on the same page and want simple gifts. So, I’ve jotted down a few PRACTICAL ideas for you which I’m sure your girl will appreciate.

Wig heads

Get your girl some wig heads. This may sound hilarious at first read, but trust me gents, your girl will definitely appreciate this gift and so will you. Her wigs will always be neatly placed and preserved for much longer. You can throw in some bundles in a gift bag too if you feeling extra nice. I saw a young gentleman on Twitter the other day posting a wig head and on copy mentioned how he’d been looking high and low in the CBD for a wig head for his girl. I’m pretty sure you will be sorted, and at a good price, if you simply go to your nearest China Mall. All the ladies loved this, so trust me… you’re on the right track with this gift.


A pair of exquisite dainty earrings are always a win! Or, a pair of bold hand made earrings… it’s up to you really. But the point I’d like to highlight is that because it’s Valentines day, t’s always more special when you gift someone with something rare and special. So I’d definitely suggest purchasing a set of earrings which isn’t common and has a unique touch to it. We’ve seen the likes of Minnie Dlamini and Lulama sporting some of the most unique pieces. And in some cases, these earrings come with a matching neck piece which makes for a lovely complete, well packaged gift. A South African brand which showcases bold pieces, unique to South Africa is Mary Jean. You can shop everything from bangles, earrings, necklaces to rings. With a jewellery studio based in Johannesburg, you can still shop Mary Jean pieces from the comfort of your own home via their online store: https://www.maryjean.co.za

Dischem gift card 

You may be taken aback by this one. But by now you should know that Dischem is heaven for the ladies. From make up to skin care products, your lady will shop till she drops at your expense… Also, a gift card is perfect because we all know the gents don’t pay attention to detail and wouldn’t know where to start with purchasing make up for your girl. Gift cards can be purchased in store at Dischem or via their online store https://dischem.co.za 🙂 Gents, you’ll thank me later.


If your lady is a hopeless romantic who enjoys a lovely scent and relaxing baths, scented candles will keep her happy. You can throw in some bubble bath, goodies from The Body Shop and her favorite chocolate to seal the deal on this one. The Body Shop also has pre packaged Valentines day gift sets which are currently running at 20% OFF. You can preview what they have at https://www.thebodyshop.co.za before you go in store to make your purchase

Time piece 

Last but not least, I’d love to request a time piece from Daniel Wellington as a gift for your lady. Daniel Wellington has a variety of time pieces to choose from and this Valentine’s Day they’ll be running a promotion which includes a heart charm when you purchase a watch. And I’ve even greater news for you… when checking out you can use my discount code “THANDOLWETHU” and receive 15% off of your purchase. Show DW Valentines day gift sets here: https://www.danielwellington.com/global/valentines-gift-set/

Ps: Don’t forget that the most thoughtful gifts are most appreciated. These are just some gifting ideas you can work with, but also use your imagination because you know your girlfriend better than anyone.

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