Lip gloss matte kiss

Matte lip gloss are still quite a thing. However, it’s always quite a daunting task having to find your favorite shade in a nourishing texture. Just because a gloss/lipstick is matte, it doesn’t mean it had to leave your lips looking and feeling dark too. As part of my collection of matte lipsticks, I have the LCN Lip gloss matte kiss in a dark berry shade. This color basically goes with any look I’m trying to pull off and what’s great about it is that it also nourishes and moisturizers the lips. It also doesn’t stain when you’re sipping on your drink, however don’t apply any extra gloss on top as this messes with the composition of the gloss and it tend to comes off easier when eating or having a drink. Ps: This product is 100% Vegan.

Seductive Face and Body Diamonds Powder

It’s the year of the glow, darling! Highlighters are quite a big thing in the beauty industry right now. Not only are they used to highlight and accentuate certain parts of the face like ones cheekbones and nose, but they’re used in the contouring process too. However, most powders are ideally made just for the face. This LCN Diamond Powder gives a seductive glow for both the face and body. It leaves you with impeccably beautiful, even toned skin and gives off diamond like reflections and a soft fresh appeal – ooh, it smells divine too!

LCN Nail Polish 8ml

It’s no secret that I’m absolutely terrible at nail polish application, but I’m getting there slowly but surely. To date, I’ve stocked up about four LCN Nail polishes and I’m very impressed by how they hardly chip. I can confidently go on about my day without the fear of having chipped nails after three days. The brush precision I believe also contributes to the ease of application of this creamy textured nail polish. The final look which is a great shine comes to life quite quickly because the nail polish is fast drying, so you don’t have to worry about making the mistake of smudging those nails.

Spa Avocado Nail Butter

By now, we all know the health benefits and uses of Avocado for skin, hair and overall health. From its anti-aging properties to the antioxidants which help you detoxify your skin and leave your skin feeling supple. The Spa Avocado Nail Butter is a luxurious rich vitamin cream, containing natural avocado oil, known for its high content of vitamins A and E. These vitamins ensure your nails and cuticles get the healthy boost they need and so do your hands. Simply apply this Nail Butter before bedtime and have it work it’s magic overnight.

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