I’ve been loving the growth of the beauty industry, and more especially the products on the market which cater to ethnic skin and hair. Amongst some of the best products out are those from Nguni Botanicals, formerly known as Afrilove Creations, catering to all your hair care, skin care as well as self care needs. With their most recent re-branding move, Nguni Botanicals is well on their way to creating a brand which is synonymous with self love. Below I have had the pleasure of filing you in on who and what Nguni Botanicals is all about, as well as where you can follow them to be a part of the journey and purchase their products.

Who is Nguni Botanicals?

Nguni Botanicals offers botanical solutions for ethnic hair, skin and self-care. Encouraged by her own natural hair experiences, self-love journey, and appreciation for holistic healing, Nonzuzo Mkhwanazi – the eldest of two daughters – started the brand in her home kitchen in 2015. Back then, it was called AfriLove Creations – a hobby driven by passion and the desire to learn. Initially the brand only stocked a butter, oil and herbal mist intended to aid with the everyday maintenance of naturally coily, ethnic hair. We’ve refined our goals for the brand – we now stock a much wider product range of botanicals. And this has led to the rebirth of the company, hence the name change.

Nguni Botanicals is a homegrown mother-and-daughter business. We strongly believe in the gentle yet effective healing properties of nature. Each and every ingredient that goes into finalising all our products is included for a precise remedial purpose, and for this reason, we use high quality ingredients to ensure best results.

Our formulations are original, handmade with lots of love by us and tested on us, friends and family – never on animals. Our products are made in small batches so we can focus on quality and accuracy. We take pride in what we do.


The name change also comes with growing the vision of the brand. Botanical solutions for natural hair is where we started but we are more than that. We want the brand to be synonymous with self-love. We all have daily beauty rituals no matter how simple or complicated they may be and Nguni Botanicals wants to make these rituals more pleasurable, more gentle and more therapeutic. We understand that what we use on our skin is absorbed into our bodies and the goal is to make you (more) beautiful from the inside out. Influencing positive change comes in many ways and ours is to shift beauty paradigms in the black community – to encourage self-awareness, self-acceptance and offer gentle beauty and wellness alternatives. We bring the healing properties of nature to you in a bottle and/or jar for your natural hair – for your skin – for YOU.

Nguni Botanicals current collection:            

• Herbal Mist 

• A multipurpose Butter (SheaCo)         

• Facial and Body oils

• Cleansing Bars

Here are some interesting FACTS shared by Nguni Botanicals based on their product category. Don’t forget to follow them on their social media profiles for the great tips and tricks they give daily.

Detoxifying Facial Mask

A gentle yet powerful exfoliating and detoxifying mask to draw out skin impurities and control skin irritations.

K E Y B E N E F I T S:

Activated Charcoal – has binding properties which aid in dirt and excess oil extraction from your skin, resulting in minimized pores, even skin tone and controlled irritations

Honey – naturally endowed with antioxidants and anti-bacterial properties, honey aids in slows down aging skin whilst helping you maintain an even and radiant skin complexion.

Toning Serum

Lightweight and non-comedogenic this serum is great for evening out skin tone, controlling irritations and maintaining a youthful appearance.

K E Y B E N E F I T S:

Sweet Almond Oil – great for both hair and skin this oil is mild, hypoallergenic, light, easily absorbed by the skin and is naturally endowed with Vitamin E. Great for evening skin tone, deep cleansing pores and reducing fine lines.

Baobab Oil – offers amazing benefits for both hair and skin. Baobab is light weight and easily absorbed by the skin. It is rich in Vitamin A, E, C, D and K plus is filled with omega 3,6 and 9 fatty acids – all these nutrients help maintain a healthy, youthful looking, even skin.

Ginkgo – great antioxidant, which helps to prevent premature aging. Ginkgo is also a natural cleanser

Gotu Kola – rich in amino acids, beta carotene, fatty acids, and phytochemicals. These amazing nutrients offer great benefits for the skin, including powerful anti-aging properties.

Shop Nguni Botanicals online: www.ngunibotanicals.co.za ( Courier accross South Africa ) | Follow on social media: Instagram: @Ngunibotanicals | Facebook: @Ngunibotanicals | Twitter: @Ngunibotanicals

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