Summer time is finally upon us, and It’s no secret that this season in particular is one which calls for flawless bikini lines, smooth underarms and silky soft legs. From attending pool parties in your bikini, to lunch out with the girls in shorts or summer dress, you need the perfect summer shave.

The newly introduced Loving Touch is offering you that Summer Smooth Loving Touch at an affordable price this summer. Locally produced, Loving Touch offers shaving glades, disposable razors and shaving preps.

The Loving Touch Allure triple titanium blade razor’s advanced design, with a firm, comfortable grip and swivel head, gives you a close and comfortable shave.  As you shave it follows your curves comfortably to prevent nicks or cuts.  A soothing Vitamin E and Aloe lubricating strip reduces irritation and moisturisers as you shave for ultra-soft skin. Don’t forget to replace blades regularly with Loving Touch Allure cartridges.
There’s also a Loving Touch Teenz twin blade disposable razor in Softgrip or Crystals that’s perfect for busy teenagers that are on the move.  The Teenz range comes with its own Shaving Gel and Foam to keep your teenager’s skin safely protected from nicks and cuts – every shave.

The perfect prep
Shaving with soap is convenient but clogs up the razor blade.  Create a smooth and cushioned surface over the skin, for smooth razor glide to prevent irritation, razor bumps and ingrown hairs.  The prettily packaged Loving Touch shaving gels and foams lather up richly for a comfy shave, leaving skin feeling and smelling fresh.

Anyway, how’s about we chat about some ways to actually get to shaving the right way.

1. I think first things first, the direction in which you shave using your blade needs to always follow the direction your hair grows out. That way, you avoid getting any ingrown hairs… I wish someone had taught me this in my teens.
2. Another helpful tip when it comes to shaving is that you should dip yourself in a bath/shower prior to shaving. A good 10-15 minutes will do, and this helps soften your hair as well as open up follicles.
3. Shaving is one thing I do tend to forget from time to time, and end up doing it in a hurry in the mornings. To my surprise, shaving in the evening is actually the best time to shave. This is because at night your legs swell slightly, which can make hair retreat back into its follicles. 

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