December is finally in full effect, and everyone except the weather is in full silly season mode. Just yesterday, I had the opportunity to relax and unwind curtesy of Edgars at Misty Hills Country Hotel, Conference Centre & Spa which is Nestled in the foothills of the Swartkop mountains on the threshold of the beautiful Kromdraai Valley in Muldersdrift.

It’s been my biggest wish to actually begin to visit tourist attractions in and around my country, South Africa, and enjoy these unique locations just as much as our international guests do. Upon arrival, we were welcomed with drinks and sweet treats as well as sheets to fill out what spa treatments we would like to have. We were quite a large group, so the treatment may be slightly different for a couple for example. The ambiance is very rain foresty, or maybe that’s because of the gloomy weather… but nonetheless this stone-built hotel definitely has an African feel to it.

We were then taken to somewhat of a waiting area which was a beautiful garden and further along was a to a pool and sauna area which was also stone-built right around. From this point we were called in for our treatments which my bestie and I thoroughly enjoyed. For dinner, we made our way to the award-wining Carnivore Restaurant; a truly authentic African dining experience. FYI: Carnivore Johannesburg is a franchise of the iconic original Carnivore Restaurant in Nairobi Kenya. The entrance hall of the restuarant boasts African structures and pieces from the traditional African home, such as a mat made of cow skin and many other interesting pieces. As you walk further, you get a full birds eye view of the restuarant and it’s beautiful African painted walls before walking down the staircase.Now let’s get to the food. I couldn’t have possibly prepared myself enough for what was in store for us. We kick started the evening with a Butternut soup, and at that point I’m thinking this dining experience won’t be anything out of the ordinary. Right after, the real action started. The waiters would come around the table with different game on offer each time. Amongst some of the game we had was Kudu Sausage, Kudu Meatballs, Blesbok, Zebra and crocodile. It was indeed a unique dining experience!

I didn’t get great images to truly show off Misty Hills and Carnivore because I didn’t actually think I’d blog about it, but I couldn’t help but share this great location. The video below might just help, enjoy! Ps: Thank you to Edgars for the spoils.

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