As promised in my last blog post, I’ve written up on the hand and nail care products I’ve had the pleasure of trying out by LCN. I wasn’t interested in any products which would complicate my life and demand a lot of my time so these products were quite perfect to experiment with. Below I will take you through what I’ve learnt about each product as well as how effective it was for my hand and nail care routine I have established.


The LCN line has expanded to include natural nail, hand, foot, make-up, spa, micro blading and eyelash products.  Every LCN beauty product remains the result of careful research, educated industry professionals, and a flawless eye for the future of beauty and fashion.  LCN continues to break new ground in the beauty industry, while still standing the test of time.

Limited edition Honeydew Melon 3in1 Express Care.

The rich 3in1 Skin and Body care has an impressively fresh Honey Melon scent to it. This product offers a combination of cleansing, nourishment and peeling all in one product – how’s that for express care?! How it works is that salt-peeling granules gently remove dead skin cells and support the natural skin renewal of your skin. To bring back the moisture, ingredients complex of bees wax and rosehip kernel oil are the ones to renourish your skin.  Twice a week, I apply a small amount of product with just as little water and gently scrub my hands in small circular movements. I do this for a minute on each hand and then wash off the product. This leaves my hands feeling fresh and moisturized, but I still make sure I use a moisturizing cream thereafter to ensure my hands don’t dry out.

Hand Cream

I’ve been using the lightly fragranced LCN hand cream at every moment I feel my hands need to be moisturized. I know I said a minimum of twice a day is enough, but with the extremely dry weather we’re currently experiencing in Johannesburg I’ve really had to take extra care that my skin doesn’t dry out. My hands can get a bit sweaty from using hand cream, and so what I’ve enjoyed most about the cream is that it is non-oily, not thick and is fast absorbing. Within the range of hand creams there is also the option of purchasing an Anti Age hand cream which is especially designed for damaged and mature skin. In addition to that, an Anti Age Overnight Mask hand cream is also available for an overnight deep nourishing treatment. I can’t stress enough the importance of using a hand cream.

Care Pen Olive Sensation
The nail care pen “Olive Sensation” I use twice in the week I have my nails done and once in the weeks that follow. I literally use the pen as a crayon to  gently “color in” my nails and cuticles with valuable plant oils which leaves my cuticles feeling subtle and smooth. At the same time, it has strengthened my nails, so this product I believe would work wonders for week and brittle nails. The combination of Olive Oil, Almond Oil and Jojoba Oil nourish nails intensively.  If you have any overhanging cuticles, you might just want to gently remove them before using the care pen. And oh, there are replacement tips made available at the back of the pen – they smell lovely! The care pens are available in different colors which basically symbolise the following: Blue (Calcium) ; Green (Tea Tree) ; Orange (Cuticle Softener) ; Purple (Cuticle Oil) ; Yellow (Polish Corrector)

Chapped Skin Balm 

This fruity scented balm literally feels like vaseline does on the skin. I have been rubbing the balm onto my feet and heels every day for two week before bed time. It is also fast absorbing but still keeps my feet and heels moisturized throughout the night. Moving forward, I will only be using the balm twice a week as I have seen a noticeable difference in how my hands and heels look and more importantly how they feel. Most of the time my feet are closed off in a pair of sneakers or going rough the most in a pair of high heels, so this is a treatment which is a MUST for my lifestyle. This product contains vitamin E, F and bisabolol which are great for rough and cracked feet.

Nail Serum
The nail serum is basically action man. It does a lot of good for the nails all at once. It moisturises, hydrates, strengthens and supports natural nail build up. You only need to use a small amount per nail and what it does is that it soaks up the natural nail much like how a sponge absorbs water. The LCN nail serum is oil free and needs to be given just a few minutes to be absorbed and dry. It has quite a mind scent while applying it which dissappears once it is absorbed (bummer). Using this particular nail serum also helps support nail build-up with silk proteins, keratin, calcium and vitamin H.
You can shop the above mentioned products on the LCN Online store or find a stockist near you.

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