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So I had the lovely opportunity to attend an exclusive preview the new Studio Collection at the H&M showroom in Cape Town. Unfortunately, I was unable to make the event, but I still made sure I got the scoop for you from the H&M PR team as to what you can expect from the collection.H&M STUDIO WOMENSWEAR AW17: URBAN SOPHISTICATION

“This collection is all about tailoring, enhancing the female silhouette. While there are ultra-feminine details, we’ve combined them with street or punk influences for a hard-edged yet sophisticated result,” says Pernilla Wohlfahrt, H&M’s Head of Design and creative director.

This range boasts a solid color palette. Black, white, navy, earthy hues, grey melagne and pops of Klein blue and burgundy. Ps: I know for sure those with a minimalistic aesthetic will be quite pleased with what’s in store for them. What I can personally say about this range is that it speaks so truly of where we are in the world and in the world of fashion. Fashion allows us to express not only who we are but speaks to who we also aspire to be. As women, our work and social spaces call for a good blend of “lady” and sophistication and yet we too connect to the street styles and influences around us. The perfect blend of power and charm allows us to feel bold and still feminine in our skin. What I enjoy most about the new pieces is that one can make sense of them for different occasions. Beyond ourselves, fashion is also a tool which offers us an expression of the current political & social issues we are facing in the world… and I believe this collection has achieved just that!

“The H&M Studio collection is the title of our key seasonal fashion collection. It’s about our love of fashion and is at the heart of everything we do.
The collection is created by a core design team within H&M, who each season creates a limited-edition collection full of key looks and statement pieces.”


“Creating a clash between the traditional menswear and the athleticism of mountaineering emphasizes the notion of quality as the new accent in fashion. So there are not only the contrasts in materials, but special attention is also paid to balancing new, modern silhouettes with classic,” says Andreas Löwenstam, H&M’s Head of Design, Menswear

Bomber jackets are still quite a thing on the streets and on runways. The parka and bomber jacket as outerwear classics have simply been reworked in this new collection with a black technical nylon and with more volume. Functional details such as integrated belts definitely get a nod from me and I’m sure many others will appreciate this detail too. Again, looking into the history of fashion and particularly how the parka became a symbol of youth rebellion late 1950’s early 1960’s , this piece once again is highly relevant in the life and times of today.

The collection will be available in stores as of tomorrow, Thursday 14 September, in the V&A Waterfront as well as Sandton store. I’m looking forward to seeing how the consumer will make sense of and interpret the collection. There are so many ways to dress up and dress down the pieces in order to suit ones personal style. Below are some lookbooks for some ideas on how you too can style your pieces.   


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