For the longest time, taking care of my hands hasn’t been at the top of the list of my priorities. I don’t seem to enjoy how any moisturizer, except for Vaseline, feels on my hands. However, of late I’ve been making a conscious effort to moisturize and care for my hands as I do for my face and feet. I mean, who wants crusty hands and feet anyway? Aside from looking crusty, the long term benefits of taking care of your hands by using a hand cream are definitely worth it.

Our hands are our everything. Not an hour of the day goes by without us having to use our hands, and so this important tool deserves our attention. Our hands go through the absolute most, touching and handling all sorts of surfaces, shaking hands and getting in contact with harsh chemicals which have a harmful effect on our skin. These harmful chemicals basically strip our skin of its natural moisture and protective layering, leaving our hands exposed and unarmed to take on the germs they come into contact with. This, amongst many other reasons, is why investing in a good hand cream is of great importance – oh, and a moisturizing hand soap of course! Ah, let’s touch on the point of ageing…everyone wants to age beautifully right?! And one of the very first signs of ageing is seen from looking at ones hands. Sunscreen is the number one told secret before all else when it comes to the topic of skincare/beauty. In as much as your face and body is exposed to the sun, they’re sometimes covered up by the clothing you wear and sun hats etc… but what about our hands? Because of this, investing in a hand cream with an SPF is highly advisable. There are a variety of hand creams on the market with varying benefits but make that SPF your number one priority.

 Many ask the question “Why can’t I just use my body cream on my hands too?” Trust me, I was also one of this many! Well, it’s quite simple. The texture of our hands vs that of the body aren’t the same and so one requires a different type of care to the other. A rich moisturizing lotion which absorbs quickly is my personal favorite because that means I don’t have to keep re moisturizer every hour throughout the day. Twice a day is the minimum you should be moisturizing your hands, up to any amount of times you remember really. A good good way of reminding yourself to moisturize is to place your hand creams in different locations where you find yourself in contact with water. Your kitchen and your bathroom are good places to start. You can also keep a stash in your car cubby and hand bag for the in between moment when you’re not stationary. If you’re willing to go the whole nine yards the option of more in depth hand treatments for that extra nourishment are just for you!I took to the bff, Google, for further info on DIY deep hand treatments and this is what I’ve discovered. It might also be a good idea to exfoliate those hands to remove and dry and dead skin before beginning your treatment. Reach in your kitchen, find maybe some sugar and olive oil, and create your own exfoliating scrub.

I slather myself in extremely rich lotions, hand salves, and of course cuticle oil. I then put on cotton overnight gloves and go to bed with all of that goo on my hands, by the morning my hands feel super soft and hydrated. It is a great overnight fix.

Another great trick for softer hands is a paraffin wax treatment. I love doing this! Basically you repeatedly dip your hands in to warm wax (warm, not hot wax!) and build up a coat of soft wax around your hands. You let the wax harden and then slip on these large mittens to keep in the warmth. When the wax has completely cooled around your hands you just crack it off and you are left with soft, smooth hands.

In all honesty I’m not too crazy about spending a lot of money on product for my hands. I also don’t have the patience to do it all myself, and so no, I don’t own a hand and nail care kit or anything. For this very reason I’m a huge fan of products that do all the work for me and aren’t too demanding of me. I have my nails filed and all that stuff by a professional. The grand finale is always a cuticle oil which I’ve also come to learn is such an important part of hand care. If your cuticles don’t look right, they can make your whole hand look unkept. So, a cuticle cream/oil is another investment you can look into as part of your hand care routine as your cuticles are what look after or rather protect your nails. For the ladies who keep long nails like I do, a small nail brush ( or toothbrush as an alternative) is an inexpensive and simple hand accessory I advise you keep to wipe out all the dirt under your nails.

Key ingredients I look out for in a hand cream, above and beyond the SPF, are Vitamin E and Shea Butter. More specific to anti ageing, antioxidants are key to look out for. For the next month I’ll been using the LCN range of hand creams. They have products which cater to every skin type as well as every hand care need. I’ll be trying them out and give you a brief review of how I found them to be. Which I enjoyed the most and what the key ingredients in their products are.

You can view and purchase more products from LCN here.