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It’s been a while since I’ve shared an experience with you all and let you into that part of my world, so lets get right back to it. One fine evening, I had the lovely opportunity of being schooled on wine and more specifically Spier as a brand. I must admit, I learnt far more than I had anticipated I would and was so intrigued by the many processes in place to producing thee perfect wine.

Many may not know but Spier has such a rich heritage which is what makes you fall so deeply in love with the brand. We kicked off the tasting evening with the Secret sparkling, a very fun product which was launched a year ago.IMG_4169As the evening went by we got to tasting the different ranges available to consumers and from this I definitely got a better understanding of the different price points and why they are so. What many may not know is that different wines go through different processes and stages to get it to mature and thus taste as it should. By this, the price points will also as a result be different.

The signature range is most affordable and consists of 9 wines. It makes for your easy everyday drinking pleasure. Think of a cheerfully easy Friday night in with the girls, nothing too hectic.

Then there is The Creative Block range which is one level higher. This range is all about different blends of wines, and so different grapes go into that – (the Sauvignon blanc and a little bit of Semillon.)
The 21 Gables on the other hand is single vineyard. This means that the grapes all come from one vineyard block, hence why this range is quite limited in quantities put out. This range in particular is really good with complex food. And because Spier has control over their vineyards, this 21 Gables range is one of their popular for the consistency in quality and pricing year after year. Those are just a few of the wines we tried, you can also try yourself with one of the ranges and decide which you best enjoy.

What I also love about Spier wine farm is the care they take at ensuring their farming methods are environmentally friendly and are PRO sustainability. Not only are they concerned for the environment but also the quality of the product and seeing their employees grow with the company. This is demonstrated in the fact that they own all their grape farms and have 10 year contracts in place with the farmers. As we all know, you can’t make good wine with bad grapes!
Ps: Don’t get shy about attending a wine tasting if you’re worried about your alcohol consumption, simply go with the option of making use of the Spittoon. This is basically where you can spit out the wine once you’ve tasted it.

Interesting facts:

• Spier has an arts academy through which art and artists are celebrated. As one of the biggest investors in South African art, the art is then purchased by Spier and exported for sale abroad. Read more : ( Creative Block Arts Project link )
• Creative Block 3 simply means that there is a mix of 3 grapes in the particular wine.
• Some wines need a lot more grapes than others.
• Some wines are kept to mature for longer in barrels.
• Older vines go through different layers of soil which offer different flavors at each level.
• Stellenbosch is really good for Pinotage and Cabernet Sauvignon production.

COMPETITION TIME: I want to know from you, what are the ways YOU enjoy your Spier wine? Share your perfect pairings or wine drinking settings and you could win some wine, thanks to Spier!

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